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If you have a North Valley Public Library card, or a card from any of our Partner libraries, you can log into our on-line e-book and audio-book content.


E-books are books in text that you can download to your device and read, as you would a book.


Audio-books are "talking books".  Books that have been read by someone (usually an actor or other fabulous reader) that you can listen to on your device.  Great for falling asleep, gardening, walking, driving - anytime!


There are over 2,000 audiobooks available from the MontanaLibrary2Go and over 23,000 e-books!! 


First you must download an app to your chosen device.  You can now choose between the traditional Overdrive app and Libby Overdrive app.


If you're just getting started with OverDrive, we recommend trying Overdrive's newest app, Libby. Libby is the easiest way to borrow and enjoy digital content, and is available for Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch), and Windows 10. Learn more about Libby here.



1. On your device, Google or go directly to app.overdrive.com

2. Click on the "Get Started" button.  This will take you to the part in the page where you can find where to download the app, depending on your device type (e.g. android device = google store, iPad or iPhone = iStore)

3. Click on the icon that matches your device type and download or install the app.  (This may involve clicking the "get the app" button.  You may have to "allow" your device permission to download).

Once the app has downloaded, open the app (you may have to find the app icon <> on your device). 


  1. Find "sign up" on the top right of the screen and click.

  2. Click "sign up using a library card".

  3. Find the library that belongs to your library card.  Type in North Valley Public Library (Stevensville), or as an example Bitterroot Library (Hamilton), etc. and click GO.

  4. Click your library from the displayed list.

  5. You will probably have to select the library again using the displayed dropdown list on the next screen - don't worry about this.

  6. Enter your library card number associated with that library.

  7. Make sure you check "remember me on this device", or tap the "star" to save your details!!


The above steps only have to be done the first time you log into Overdrive, as long as you "remember me on this device".


The third step is to choose and download the material you wish to read or listen to.


When you open the Overdrive app, it will remember that you belong to MontanaLibrary2Go and will show you the items available.


You can browse by new releases, or search for a particular title or author.


When you find something that you want to borrow:


1.  Click (or tap) that item. 

2.  Tap Add to app (if shown), OR tap books icon to go to your Loans page and see all of your options for the title.


3a. You can choose to either "listen now" or "read now", or you can choose to download the book to your device.  I personally like to “download” the items because if you choose the "read now" or "listen now" option, you must be connected to the internet to read / listen.


3b. Choose "EPUB" or "Add to app" to download the item to your device so that you can read / listen at any time. 


Just like a library book, only one person can borrow one item at a time.  And just like the library, you can place a book on "hold".


When an item is due to be "returned" to the library, it will automatically be deleted from your device.

Need more help?


The State Library provides handouts on how to use Libby app, Overdrive app and how to dowload to your Kindle. The handouts are locate on their website:  http://libraries.msl.mt.gov/learning/statewide_projects/montana_library2go 

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