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Outside facade of the North Valley Public Library

About Us

The North Valley Public Library is your guide to information and the community. Whether you're researching Montana history, reading for fun, exploring the internet, or meeting up with friends, our friendly staff is ready to help you navigate the 21st century.

The mission of the North Valley Public Library is to strengthen and support our community by:

  • fostering a welcoming and comfortable setting for all people to gather, explore, and discover;

  • promoting literacy and lifelong learning;

  • and providing exemplary programming, service and quality, timely materials.

NVPL’s History

We opened on July 1, 1904 as a public library. Our founders, Mrs. Bruce Wells, Mrs. Henry Buck, Mrs. Louise May and Mrs. Clarence Calkens, were given a room for the library in the Stevensville Town Hall on Main Street. The Reading Room Society paid for a librarian, books, and magazines from their own funds. Then in 1911, the Town of Stevensville started to support the library and in 1914, the holdings were officially made Town property.

The library remained in the same location until 1983 when it moved to Town Hall on Buck Street. In 1990, Ken and Norma Bangs made a generous donation of the current building where the library has remained since 1991.


North Valley Public Library became an independent public library district as a result of an election held in June 2004. The voters in the district approved the formation of the Library District and the authority to support the NVPL by a property tax mill levy. The boundaries include all the lands in the Lone Rock and Stevensville School Districts. It was the first independent library district in the State of Montana.

History of the Rasmussen Building

Information about the structure and history of the Rasmussen building can be read in the survey of Town buildings. 

Read the pages having to do with our building by clicking on the PDF icon.

Brief History of Library Ownership

  1. Operated as a municipal library for many years.

  2. Town and County entered into Interlocal Library Agreement as North Valley Public Library in January 1990.

  3. Rasmussen building donated to Town of Stevensville in 1991 by Norma and Ken Bangs for sole use as library - Quit Claim Deed dated January 29, 1991, with encumbrance.

  4. Ken Bangs revised Quit Claim Deed on July 17, 1997, removing any encumbrances.

  5. NVPL purchased Kellogg building in March 1998, after clarification from attorney that it could do so.

  6. Further clarification from county attorney's office that board of trustees has exclusive control of library assets and all funds, functions, operations, etc.

  7. Interlocal library contract creating independent North Valley Public Library District in September 2001.

  8. Interlocal agreement transferring county and town assets to NVPL District in December 2004.

  9. Quit Claim Deed signed by County in December 2004.

  10. Quit Claim Deed signed by Town and recorded in October 2009.

North Valley Public Library District Buy Local Statement

Whereas the North Valley Library expends Stevensville tax payers’ funds in accordance with State and local statutes, and is committed to fiscal responsibility, and whereas the Board of Trustees and staff are desirous of supporting the local economy wherever possible, the North Valley Public Library shall provide ample opportunity for local businesses to meet the supply requirements of the Library and shall emphasize buying from local vendors whenever possible.  Library employees are expected to consider not only price but also service, delivery, and other factors that may weigh in favor of a local vendor over internet or out of town vendors.

While the lowest price is sometimes the best bargain, the local service component should also be weighed in the purchase decision.

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