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Printing & Scanning

When you print from your personal computer, phone, or one of the Library's public computers, the documents will sit in a virtual queue until you are ready to print and pick them up.

How to Collect Your Print

Go to the print station computer and click "Release My Print Job." If you emailed your document from your phone or computer, login using the email address from which you sent your print job. If you printed from a public computer, login using the number on your guest slip or your library card number. 

Select your document in the queue. You may wish to preview your document before printing. When you are ready, select "print." You will be prompted to insert payment into the coin machine (accepts $1 and $5 bills). Select "ok" and collect your document from the printer and your change from the machine, if applicable. 

Printing Options

  • Cost: single ($0.10/page) or double-sided ($0.15/page)

  • You can print up to 500 pages on our high-speed printer

  • Paper sizes: standard (8.5" x 11"), legal (8.5" x 14"), and tabloid (11" x 17"). Please note: legal and tabloid printing is priced higher than standard. 

  • Black and white printing only, no color                               

Scanning Options

  • Cost: Free

  • Email directly from the machine                    

Mobile Print

3 different ways to print!

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