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Strategic Plan 2024-2029

North Valley Public Library Mission Statement

The mission of the North Valley Public Library is to strengthen and support our community by:

•  fostering a welcoming and comfortable setting for all people to gather, explore, and discover;

•  promoting literacy and lifelong learning;

•  providing exemplary programming, service, and quality, timely materials.

Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives 2024-2029​

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees 7/17/2024.

GOAL: Secure a new Library Building that is attractive, healthy, and accessible to serve the community for years to come


Objective: Educate the public on the need for a new building, secure land, and funding for a new building.



GOAL: Increase patron satisfaction and value of the library


Objective: Increase children’s programming.


GOAL: Streamline administration and operation of the library


Objective: Streamline job descriptions to make hiring and administration smoother.


Objective: Work towards a more stable and ideal staffing situation as time, budget, and building (workstations) allow. Making shifts more attractive to a wider pool of employee candidates. A new staffing situation is necessary to allow coverage and additional programming for the new library.

Objective: Organize administrative records.

Strategy: Continue to write and update Director’s Standard Operating Procedure

•             Director will work on organizing administration records both physical and electronic.

•             Director will work on important library records, organizing, making them searchable.


GOAL: continue to meet the essential public library standards & strive to meet the excellent & cooperative standards in the public library road map


Objective: Annually, Montana Public Libraries must report that they are meeting the essential standards to receive State Aid. North Valley Public Library will meet the essential standards and strive to meet excellent and cooperative standards.

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