Strategic Plan 2019-2022

North Valley Public Library Mission Statement

The mission of the North Valley Public Library is to strengthen and support our community by:

•  fostering a welcoming and comfortable setting for all people to gather, explore, and discover;

•  promoting literacy and lifelong learning;

•  providing exemplary programming, service, and quality, timely materials.

Goal/Strategic Area: Operations & Access


1.            Improve operational efficiencies.

2.            Evaluate hours of operations and determine options for improvement.

3.            Evaluate current staffing model and determine options for improvement.

Goal/Strategic Area: Evaluate and Optimize Programming


1.            Streamline program management.

2.            Provide programs that complement our mission and collaborate with community groups and organizations as much as possible. 

3.            Library as Facilitator & Civic Engagement.

Goal/Strategic Area: Financial Sustainability/Funding


1.            Nurture partnership with Foundation.

Goal/Strategic Area: Building/Facility Issues



Short Term

  1. Continue to provide a safe, well-maintained welcoming facility that encourages community use.

  2. Decide on scope of projects, finances and limits on current building versus how much funds to put in Library Depreciation Fund for  possible new building in the future. 

  3. Find out about Missoula’s successful bond issue; stay informed of current bond law and grant opportunity


Long Term

         1. Evaluate properties with facilities plan and keep options open for new building.

         2. Teen space in a new library.

         3. Increase awareness of what the library offers to funders/non-library users.