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Interlibrary Loan or Purchase Request

Fill out the form below to either request an item from outside our Partners Sharing Network (ILL) or for NVPL to purchase.


Purchases are considered based on our Collection Development Policy.


Quick Overview of Selection Criteria:

• Popularity (bestsellers)

• Patron demand (requests.) Titles that do not have wide appeal to the rest of the District will be sought through Partner libraries or interlibrary loan.

• Favorable reviews in professional review sources such as Booklist, Library Journal and New York Times Book Review, Ingram Advance, NPR, Montana Book Awards, and Library Reads

• Currency and current relevance

• Accuracy of information, authoritativeness, author’s reputation and significance as a writer, reputation and standing of publisher

• Literary value, awards and honors

• Diverse viewpoints on controversial issues

• Format (whether the item will hold up to library use)

• Subject areas (See breakdown of subject areas below.)

• Materials appropriate to people of all ages

• Montana subject

• Availability of material in other local library collections

*DVDs that are available from a Partner library will not be considered for purchase unless they are a current year release. Television series more than two years are not considered for purchase.

Request for Materials
Select an option
If my recommenation is not available for purchase, please borrow through ILL. I understand there is a $2.00 fee payable upon pickup

Thanks for submitting!

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