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Building a Better Library
Read the Master Plan and watch the virtual video walk-through.

We're in the early stages of planning for a new building for the North Valley Public Library. The current location, while convenient on Main Street, has many health, accessibility, and structural issues, with limited parking and no room for expansion. A new location has not been chosen, but these draft architectural designs have been created to show what might be possible.

This vision would allow the library to keep pace with the growth in the region. We want to ensure that Stevensville has a library that is as safe, accessible, and helpful as possible for our wonderful community and the many people who find its services invaluable.

Look for more information in the future about how you can get involved in this process as we move forward.

New Building Front.JPG

Building a Better Library Timeline

04/21/2021 Board passes Facilities Plan written by Director with Foundation comments added to the end. Facilities Plan to be presented to architects interested in the assessment. 

06/2021 Request for Proposal (RFP) published in newspapers for Preparation of Preliminary Architectural Report. (Missoulian 6/11/2021 and 6/18/2021. Bitterroot Star 6/23/2021.)

10/20/2021 & 11/17/2021 The Board discusses criteria and questions for choosing an architectural firm. 

01/19/2022 The Board interviews MMW Architect team: Jacob Wright, Architect; Rob Cullen and Janet Nelson Library Consultants from Rethinking Libraries; Aaron McConkey, Lead Civil Engineer.

02/08/2021 Two Board members and the Director meet with Jacob Wright from MMW Architects & his team to discuss scope & cost of Preliminary Architectural Report (PAR).  The architect informs the library that it would cost more to build on site and recommends keeping analysis of the current site to a minimum.

03/30/2022 Special meeting with Stevensville Community Center Committee regarding the proposal by MMW Architects for Preliminary Architectural Report.

5/18/2022 MMW Architects engaged to prepare a Preliminary Architecture Report.

9/14/2022 ReThinking Libraries meeting with Board, Director and MMW Architects regarding facility needs.


9/21/2022 ReThinking Libraries meets with Library Staff to solicit their opinions on a new facility


10/26/2022 ReThinking Libraries facilitates two community public meetings to gather input about new facility.


01/25/2023 Data findings meeting.  Board heard data analysis of the survey, the community & stakeholder engagement findings and the space needs assessment based upon those results.


03/07/2023 Board heard first high-level cost estimate from MMW Architects.


03/15/2023 At the regularly scheduled board meeting, the board and director pared down the list of critical needs for a new facility in order to get additional cost savings. 

07/11/2023 MMW Architects shared the final Master Plan document and a virtual video walk-through of a new building. 

10/25/2023 Library Open House 

Members of the library’s Board of Trustees, consultants, and others were on hand to answer questions about the need for a new library. Attendees included Colleen Owens, Brownfields coordinator for the Department of Environmental Quality; Kate Lucas, Adaapta planner and Michelle Howard from Adaapta.  

     The Montana DEQ’s Brownfields Program works with community groups to address Hazardous Substance and Petroleum Brownfields sites across Montana. The program provides both technical and financial expertise on the assessment and cleanup of Brownfields properties. DEQ’s Brownfields


Program also provides grant writing assistance, outreach, and workshops for communities interested in Brownfields.

    Their involvement with the library—which is provided at no charge—extends from the fact that the current building has asbestos contamination and other environmental health issues. These are key reasons a new library building is being considered, along with mold at the current site, a crumbling infrastructure, and uneven and hazardous floors. A new location has not yet been chosen.

01/02/2024-01/22/2024 Online survey available to the community to provide feedback on land choices. 

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