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Building a Better Library
Read the Master Plan and watch the virtual video walk-through.

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Building a Better Library Timeline

04/21/2021 Board passes Facilities Plan written by Director with Foundation comments added to the end. Facilities Plan to be presented to architects interested in the assessment. 

06/2021 Request for Proposal (RFP) published in newspapers for Preparation of Preliminary Architectural Report. (Missoulian 6/11/2021 and 6/18/2021. Bitterroot Star 6/23/2021.)

10/20/2021 & 11/17/2021 The Board discusses criteria and questions for choosing an architectural firm. 

01/19/2022 The Board interviews MMW Architect team: Jacob Wright, Architect; Rob Cullen and Janet Nelson Library Consultants from Rethinking Libraries; Aaron McConkey, Lead Civil Engineer.

02/08/2021 Two Board members and the Director meet with Jacob Wright from MMW Architects & his team to discuss scope & cost of Preliminary Architectural Report (PAR).  The architect informs the library that it would cost more to build on site and recommends keeping analysis of the current site to a minimum.

03/30/2022 Special meeting with Stevensville Community Center Committee regarding the proposal by MMW Architects for Preliminary Architectural Report.

5/18/2022 MMW Architects engaged to prepare a Preliminary Architecture Report.

9/14/2022 ReThinking Libraries meeting with Board, Director and MMW Architects regarding facility needs.


9/21/2022 ReThinking Libraries meets with Library Staff to solicit their opinions on a new facility


10/26/2022 ReThinking Libraries facilitates two community public meetings to gather input about new facility.


01/25/2023 Data findings meeting.  Board heard data analysis of the survey, the community & stakeholder engagement findings and the space needs assessment based upon those results.


03/07/2023 Board heard first high-level cost estimate from MMW Architects.


03/15/2023 At the regularly scheduled board meeting, the board and director pared down the list of critical needs for a new facility in order to get additional cost savings. 

07/11/2023 MMW Architects shared the final Master Plan document and a virtual video walk-through of a new building. 


Current: The Library Board is currently exploring options for land and planning an community Open House for October 2023. 

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