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Montana Legal

Montana Department of Labor: Apply for unemployment, jobs, permits, and more!

Montana Legal Services Association (MLSA)

provides legal tips to help Montanans better understand their rights and find free resources. 

MLSA was a recipient of the HUD Eviction Protection Grant, which helps MLSA empower low-income Montanans through free legal information, advice, and representation. 


Housing attorney Daniel Webster shared an informative overview of MLA and Montana Tenant-Landlord Law in an informative video on 9/28/2023 . 

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Montana Legislature: Find out who your representatives are

Montana Secretary of State: Find out if you are registered to vote, your voter address and polling place

Online Law Resources

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State Bar of Montana: Legal Resources and Frequently Asked Questions

State Law Library of Montana

  • Law Library (406-444-3660) connects people to the legal representation and help they need. 

  • MT Law Library website ( is a good resource for official forms; state laws, briefs and supreme court orders.

  • Free parenting plans and mediation services are newly available. Email to request.

  • No cost Final Will & Testaments assistance and forms from DPHHS Aging Services for people age 60+ (contact Katy Lovell, Legal Services Developer at (406) 444-7787 or   

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