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2020 Monthly Newsletter

Longmire stands on a hill
  • Craig Johnson is coming via Zoom to NVPL!

  • Congrats to the Business Battle for Books Winner.

  • Amazon Fire tablets for kids

  • #NVPLbookmerge

  • Teen, youth, and adult programs

  • Ancient wheat for the gluten sensitive! Learn more Thu., Dec. 17.

Flipster on a tablet
  • Tribute to Bret Gardner. 

  • New books. 

  • Recommended Montana documentaries. 

  • Business Battle for Books

  • New circulating iPads coming in November.

  • Teen used iPad & PC drawing and giveaway.

  • Teen, youth, and adult programs.  

Word "news" in front of a globe
  • Adult programs in-person and by Zoom. Don't miss What Ever Happened to the News? and About Noxious Weeds. 

  • Scary, fantastical, and science fiction reads. 

  • Amazon Fire 7 for Kids. Parents, check one out!

  • Teen and youth autumn programs.  

"I heard you have mobile hotspots to check out. I need to update my phone OS. Can I check out one? With a NVPL library card iphone text image that links to September 2020 Newsletter
  • Text-the-Library service now available. Text us at (406) 370-0947. 

  • Free internet access at home for 7 days by checking out a hotspot. 

  • Storywalk coming to a path by you.

  • Welcome staff member Caryn. 

  • Find out about events this September.

  • Read Lisa Preston's Horseshoer Mystery series. 

Listen while you walk playaway
  • Have you tried Playaway audiobooks? Playaway makes it easy to listen to an audiobook while you walk, garden, or drive.  Just check out the whole device.  No need to download to your own device or switch CDs.

  • Don't forget to check out, and download for free, online magazines using Flipster. It is nice to use on a tablet OR computer.

  • Find out about upcoming library online events. If you have never tried Zoom, give it a go. It is rather easy. You just click on a link that we send to you and follow a few instructions, and then you are listening in to a program. Even my Dad has done it!

T-Mobile Hotspot
  • Hotspots!  Check them out for a week for free at-home internet access. Details in the July newsletter.  

  • Read about upcoming adult, teen and youth events (online and in-person), as well as other library news. 

Staff members Daniel Ray and Pam Morris as trappers for Founder's Day
  • Find out what is new in Phase 2 starting June 1. 

  • eVideo from Acorn TV is live. 

  • Learn about upcoming online adult programs and children events. 

  • Read about staff departing, and job openings.

StoryTime Live Online event calendar page screenshot
  • The Library has a new calendar and an easy way to register for programs. 

  • This issue is full of information about your library in the face of Covid. Check out all the articles.

  • Read about our upcoming video streaming service, Facebook LIVE story times, and find lists of new books to put on hold.

  • We'll bring your items to the door for you. Such service!

  • This newsletter is full of helpful information. Read about screen time and children, Census 2020 and why your answer matters, Booklist editor's adult fiction, and nonfiction choices for 2019, interlibrary loan, book donations and gift policy and tax help. A quick reminder that there are no programs in March due to renovation.

Cat in a cardboard Castle
  • READ library news! Check out our children's programs. 

  • Upcoming adult programs include a Saturday morning with Montana cozy mystery author Leslie Budewitz, cardmaking with Amy Grassey, and creating a cardboard cat castle.

Let's write! words and a pencil
  • Modern Western writer Kim Zupan is speaking at the library January 28. 

  • A writing course starts January 8. New computers, another book sale, and a new teen services staff member.  Check it all out in the January newsletter. 

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